OMG these are gorgeous! Thank you so much Ashli!!!!! The hard part will be narrowing down my fav- there are so many. Thank you for capturing this special time in my life. I’m so thankful for your beautiful work.  Meaghan U., North Hollywood

Ashli, your photographs truly captured the essence of what we were feeling during my pregnancy, happiness, serenity, excitement and simply being at peace. I enjoy looking at them and remembering that wonderful time in my life.  Courtney P., Encino

I had a pregnancy photo session with Ashli.  I was initially a bit nervous but she made me feel at ease with her kind words and gentle direction.  Ashli truly is a professional photographer who is extremely passionate about her work, which is clearly stated in her pictures.  Julie K., Newbury Park

Ashli created beautiful images of my pregnancy that will be treasured for years to come.  Not only is she a consummate professional, but she also makes you feel so comfortable, you forget that she is photographing you.  Revi M., Beverly Hills

Thank you sooo much for the photos, I received them yesterday and was blown away!! I love all of them... We look forward to another photo shoot in the future!  Monique E., Simi Valley

Ashli took a wonderful photo of my daughter when she was a baby which hangs framed above our fireplace.  It is the most precious photograph I have of her as an infant.  Laura W., Thousand Oaks



I love the photos of my boys. I seriously have a gallery of your photos - 8 photos in our hallway!  Gita A., Bel Air

Thank you for our session today.  Both [my daughter] and I enjoyed it...  It actually felt more like mother /daughter therapy than a photo shoot.  The hugs, handholding and thinking up nice things to say about each might be on to something more than taking photos! Carolyn R. Thousand Oaks

Ashli, I want you to know that you are awesome - with a capital A. It's easy enough to make my wife and kids look good, but to make me look good? You are very talented. Thank you so much, you are a wonderful photographer, you should be proud of your work - it's great. HW Newbury Park

These pictures are gorgeous and beautiful and we are very excited and so happy with the results. We are watching them on a slideshow and have been for about an hour now…  LeErin H., Newbury Park

OMG!   I just saw the pics.  They are all awesome.  The background is beautiful and no one would now that it started raining at the end of it. I need to figure out where I'm going to put more pictures.....thanks!  Cindy L., Newbury Park

Ashli is a wonderful, caring human that can get the best out of people during her photoshoots. She's got an incredible eye and is very creative - making each photoshoot unique and tailored to the client. She is a complete professional, but very personable. I've recommended her several times over.  Tracy S., Newbury Park



I have to tell you it's been crazy - within 24 hours of posting my new pictures I have received 15 new emails! Judy H, Thousand Oaks

Ashli is a top class photographer! Had a great experience with her and highly recommend her for pictures for all kinds of occasions!! Zini J - DanZiFit and Zumba, Newbury Park

Lovely person with great talent! Trish S. - Safe Passage Heals, Los Angeles

Ashli took great headshots of me, better than I've ever had from anyone. I highly recommend her for any kind of photography. Hazel P - Live Your Abundant Life, Sherman Oaks



I am truly grateful to you for your hard work yesterday. I always remember that none of us can ever see the big picture because we're too busy standing in the frame. It takes the fine eye of the photographer to step back and have perspective to see the whole picture. Your photos capture things that the subject can't know are there until you bring it out. Thank you.  Robert B., N. Hollywood

Thank you so much for these amazing pictures! I just love them - you are VERY good at what you do! I love how you caught everyone at the right moment and I love all the different angles that you took them from - awesome job! Thank you again!  Eric T.  Thousand Oaks

I would not have the beautiful memories if it were not for you. I thank you for all you did. I will never forget the party and I will never forget you! You are the best.  Judie C., Thousand Oaks